Oil & Fat Chemistry and Processing Technology Group
(1) Investigation & assessment of the main oilseeds and their quality in China
(2) The scientificity and security evaluation of lipids processing
(3) Oil & protein products and standardization of their inspection technology
(4) Novel products, processes and technologies R&D in oilseeds, lipids and vegetable protein
(1) Status, problems and strategies of oilseeds development and utilization
(2) Specifications of adequate processing technique for edible vegetable oil
(3) Evaluation of necessity and security for aid and additives in edible vegetable oil processing
(4) Prevention and control of the (potential) hazard factors in edible oil processing
(5) Comprehensive utilization of oilseeds and integration of lipids value-added processing technology
(1) Quality data of oilseeds and new oil sources development in China
(2) Quality control system of main edible vegetable oil processing
(3) The formation mechanism and control strategy of the (potential) hazard factors during the oil processing
(4) General techniques integration and integrated benefit evaluation of oilseeds comprehensive utilization
(5) New technologies, processes and novel products R&D in lipids and oilseed proteins
Yingyao Wang, Ph.D in Food Science and Engineering, associate professor, is director of Oil & fat Chemistry and Processing Technology Group, supervisor for graduates, director of Oil & Fat Branch in Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, and senior member of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology. Dr. Wang has a short-term study in University of California Davis in 2004, and was a visiting scholar at University of Aarhus in 2011. Her research areas include studying and evaluating the character and processing safety of oils & oilseeds, researching and developing lipids processing technology and new production, researching novel technology for oil extraction and comprehensive utilization of oilseeds.
Dr. Wang has been taking several national research projects and international- cooperation program in the field of novel oil extraction technology and functional lipids bio-modified technique. Now, Dr. Wang is acting as the Program Director supported by a grant from the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) titled "the key technology during the aqueous enzymatic extraction of oil from oilseeds(2013AA102104)" . Till now, Dr. Wang has performed one Sino-Danish bilateral cooperation project titled "New technology for producing value-added structured lipids from agricultural fats and oils(08-039650)"and five projects supported by the Major Programs and Key Programs in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program and State Academy Foundation, such as "investigation novel oil extraction technology from high oil-bearing oilseeds without any organic solvent(2006BAD05A01-16)", "study of comprehensive utilization of camellia seed by aqueous enzymatic extraction technique(2009BADB1B0305)" and "the pilot product of structured lipids in the packed bed reactor by lipase catalyzation(ZX1001)". Dr. Wang also participated in several research programs granted by state and province & ministry and has established or revised 8 national products and test standards in the research fields. At the same time, she entered into drafting several S&T development schemes, and published nearly 40 research papers in the international and internal core academic periodicals, and participated in writing the monograph granted by National Publication Foundation.
Xia Luan, senior engineer in oil engineering. Luan is engaged in lipids and the derivates, process designing and new products development, the establishment or revision of the national and industrial standards. Luan took part in the National Key Technologies R&D Program of China during the 6th Five-Year Plan Period "the study of grain store technology" and "the study of convenience food made of whole grain", Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements Project during the 10th Five-Year Plan Period "the pilot production for rice bran oil contains oryzanol by short-path molecular distillation in 2 ton/day", National Social Public Welfare Projects "the study of the safety guaranteeing techniques for grain & oil and process controlling" and "the study of the quality and safety guaranteeing for edible oils", the National Key Technologies R&D Program of China during the 10th Five-Year Plan Period "the study of the store safety guaranteeing technique for grain & oil". Luan has been in charge of several national standards, such as "animal and vegetable fats and oils-determination of the composition of fatty acids in the 2-position of the triglyceride molecules (GB/T24894-2010)", "animal and vegetable fats and oils-determination of anisidine value (GB/T24304-2009)", "animal and vegetable fats and oils-determination of 1-monoglycerides and free glycerol contents (GB/T22328-2008)", "animal and vegetable fats and oils-method for identification of transparency, odor and flavor (GB/T5525-2008)", "hydrogenated castor oil (GB/T24301-2009)", "low temperature desolventized edible soybean meal (GB/T21494-2008)" and "rapeseed meal (solvent) for feedstuff (GB/T23736-2009)".
Zhangqun Duan, associate professor, received Ph.D. degree in Biochemical Engineering from Tsinghua University in 2010. Following graduation, Dr. Duan has been working in Academy of State Administration of Grain on the enzymatic synthesis of functional lipids and the quality safety control of edible oils. His research is funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (21102027) and Central Public-interest Scientific Institution Basal Research Fund (ZX1102). Also, Dr. Duan took part in the 11th Five-Year-Supporting Major Program of Science & Technology Development (2009BADB1B0305) and the Transformation Funds for Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements (SQ2011EC4490011). Dr. Duan participated in two rounds of full collaborative studies of AOCS for the analytical method of glycidyl fatty acid esters in edible oils in Aug. and Nov. 2011, respectively. Good results were achieved and this method was published in May 2012, entitled "AOCS/JOCS Official Method Cd 28-10". He won the "BEST POSTER AWARD" in "14th ICC Cereal and Bread Congress and Forum on Fats & Oils" in Aug. 2012. Dr. Duan gave an oral presentation entitled "Highly efficient synthesis of phosphatidylserine in a novel medium" in 104th AOCS annual meeting in May 2013.