Grain and Oils Storage Technology Research Group
1. Study on green & ecological technology of grain storage
2. Study on grain storage technology for farmers
3. Study on storage technology for refined grains
4. Development of efficient and energy-saving dryness technology for grain & oils and the by-products
5. Development of facilities and information technology for grain storage and transportation
6. Study on safety guarantee technology for grain storage and transportation
1. Index system of safe stored grain and fundamental database of grain
2. Green technology and specification about pests and moulds controlling for stored grain
3. The specification of safe storage technology on refined grain, oil & fat and oilseeds
4. Evaluation for the grain storage model and the performance of facilities
5. Sensor technology and equipment standardization on monitoring stored grain condition
6. Development of a series of efficient and practical grain drying technology and equipment
1. Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of fungicide and fungicide for stored grain, including low oxygen , microwave, ozone, radiation, etc.
2. Development of the green grain protectant and fungicide, such as food grade insectcide & fungicide, trapping and killing insects lamp
3. Study on the natural loss of grain storage
4. Integrated and application demonstration of green & ecological grain stored technologies, such as lower oxygen technology with nitrogen recirculation and intelligence control , horizontal or multidirectional ventilation, grain cooling with efficient grain chillers, emergency disposal technology for local heating of grain mass, safe storage technology for oilseed and oil & fat, integration technology of green & ecological grain storage, etc.
5. Development of packaged technology for farmer grain storage and logistics, such as energy saving drying and safe grain storage technology for commodity grain
6. Development of soybean quality guaranteed storage technology
7. Technology of monitoring grain condition sensor, information acquisition, processing and decision, such as rapid detection technology on pests and mould
8. Research and development for grain information platform and logistics information management system based on GIS
9. Fluidized drying technology and equipment for grain
10. Middle and small grain dryer by far infrared
Resumes of professors:

      Yang CAO, professor, graduated from the Zhengzhou Grain College, and got master degree in Department of Grain and Oils Storage in 1986. He is the director of grain and oils storage group in Academy of State Administration of Grain (ASAG), the leader of Grain and Oils, and a supervisor of master graduate in Henan University of Technology. He has been mainly working in the research and promotion to the technology of green & ecological grain storage, such as low oxygen technology in the storage industry, inert dust (physical) insecticidal technology, storage pest controlling for Chinese farmers and grain industry pests management. He is one of expert group of “national engineering project of grain bumper harvest and high yield science and technology” in the 11th Five Year Plan. He is the peer reviewer of project proposals for the Cooperative Research Centre Program in 13th selection round, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) of Australia. He is also a peer reviewer of Journal of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association. He is main participant of the project of “the research and development and integrated innovation of four techniques syncretism” which won the first prize of National Progress in Science and Technology Award.
      Dr. Zhongjie ZHANG, professor, graduated from China Agricultural University. He majors in agricultural products processing and storage engineering, and is postdoctor in the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, China Academy of Sciences. Meantime, he is also a part-time professor in Jilin University and Henan University of Science and Technology. He is mainly engaged in theory research, development and application of technology on energy-saving ventilation, drying and environmental resources. He had hosted and participated in 20 provincial or above research projects. Furthermore, he had taken charge of accomplishing more than 70 construction design projects and more than 30 academic papers. Then he was a co-author of 3 works.
      Huiyi ZHAO, associate professor, received his Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from Tsinghua University in 2004 and his second BSc degree in computer technology & application in 1998. Following graduation, he has been working at grain storage technology group of ASAG. His current research interests cover storage process, intellectualized control technology and rapid detection of grain and oil. Dr. ZHAO has hosted or taken part in 12 projects, including 4 10th and 11th Five-Year-Supporting Programs of Science & Technology Development of China, 3 Transformation Funds for Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements, 1 Equipment Upgrade and Renovation from the Ministry of Science and Technology and 4 other projects. During these projects, Dr. Zhao published 10 papers, took part in the establishment of 2 National Standards of China and applied for 5 patents. In addition, Dr. Zhao is one of the main editors of many books, which include Green & Ecological Technology for Grain Storage and so on.