Grain Value-added Processing Technology Research Group
(1) Relation between structure and function of components and utilization for grains and beans
(2) Processing technology and standard for whole grain foods
(3) Industrialization processing key technology and equipment for convenient staple food
(4) value-added processing of grain and by-products
(5) Quality and utilization of pulses
(6) Quality and safety of cereal food
1The research of the key technologies of deep processing and edible quality improvement of coarse grains and pulses
2Research on the stability of coarse grains drink and fast evaluation method
3Research on the main coarse grains and pulses quality evaluation and processing applicability
4Research on the control technology of acrylamide in direct extrusion ready-to-eat food
5Pilot research on the Chinese dry noodles with high content of coarse grain
6Research on modified function and mechanism of lactobacillus fermentation for whole grains
7Whole grain food research and development - brown rice extract processing technology research
8The stabilized whole wheat flour processing technology and the feasibility study on alkylresorcinols as markers of whole wheat flour
9Processing technology of stabilized quick cooking brown rice
10Processing technology of instant brown rice flour
11The national standard of instant noodles
12Amendment of the national standard on buckwheat
13Formulation of the industry standard on whole wheat flour
Resumes of professors:
   Bin TAN, Ph.D. in Food Science; Professor; Director of Cereal and Oil Processing Research Unit under Academy of State Administration of Grain. Dr. TAN is committed to the research of whole grain processing and nutrition, in-depth development and utilization of pulses, extrusion technology, functional food carbohydrate, physical and biological modification technology of grain and its components, quality and safety of cereal food. E-mail:tb@chinagrain.org Tel:86-10-58523683 Add: No.11 Baiwanzhuangstreet, Beijing 100037,P.R.C
   Liping WANG, Ph.D. in Agricultural Products Safety; Associate Professor; Dr. WANG is committed to the research of relation between structure and function of small molecular physiological active substance in grains and beans, physical modification technology of grain and its components, food quality and safety. E-mail:wlp@chinagrain.org Tel:86-10-58523632 Add: No.11 Baiwanzhuangstreet, Beijing 100037,P.R.C