Professor Keyan Zhu from Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University academic exchanges with ASAG
 Professor Keyan Zhu, from Department of Entomology in Texas A&M University, was invited to Academy of State Administration of Grain (ASAG) for academic exchange on July 18, 2013. Fujun Li, the chief engineer of ASAG and the director of National Engineering Laboratory of grain storage and transportation, and all members of Grain and Oils Storage Technology Research Group including professor Lei Wei and associate researcher Huiyi Zhao, attended the seminar, which was hosted by professor Yang Cao, the executive deputy director of National Engineering Laboratory of grain storage and transportation.
 During the communication, Prof. Zhu introduced the development of the hypoxia adaptation mechanism of storage pests Callosobruchus maculatus. And prof. Cao introduced the research work of ASAG on grain storage technology, grain storage pest-controlling technology, the hypoxia adaptation mechanism of grain storage pests. After the seminar, both sides expected to strengthen the communication, promote the application of low oxygen technology for grain storage pest control and the research on the relative mechanism.
 Professor Keyan Zhu profile: Prof. Zhu is the expert for United States Department of Agriculture and United States National Science Foundation project evaluation, reviewer of a variety of entomology-related journals, and was elected to one thousand talentsscheme of Central Organization Department and Shanghai city in 2012. Prof. Zhu is mainly engaged in the research on the mechanism of plant-insect interaction, the developmental mechanism of storage pests, the control of agricultural pests, and so on.