Professor Shashi Sharma and Professor Yonglin Ren of Murdoch University visit ASAG
 Professor Shashi Sharma, Chair in Biosecurity and Food Security at Murdoch University, and Professor Yonglin Ren, Chief Scientist within Department of Agriculture and Food in Western Australia, visited and communicated with Academy of State Administration of Grain (ASAG) on April 15, 2013.
 Zheng Du, the president of ASAG, and Fujun Li, the chief engineer of ASAG, met with Prof. Sharma and Prof.Ren. Both sides agreed to further strengthen the cooperation of research on biology and food security, grain storage, preservation of quality and freshness, quality research, and other aspects, and develop the personnel communication, mutual visit, and talent cultivation.
 Prof. Sharma and Prof. Ren made an investigation in Xiaotangshan pilot base, grain and oils storage laboratory, and grain quality laboratory, accompanied by ASAG’s researcher Yang Cao, Dr. Hui Sun and others. The development of grain storage and quality research in ASAG was introduced, as well as the different scale of pilot simulating warehouse, nitrogen and carbon dioxide modified atmosphere grain storage devices, circulating fumigation, detection and control system of grain situation, and so on .