Postdoc positions are available in ASAG
Two postdoc positions, the detail information shown as following, are available in ASAG now. Candidates who got Ph. D. degree in the last 2 years and can perform the full-time work in ASAG are welcomed to apply these positions. Screening of applications begins now and continues until the position is filled. Contact G. Li 8610-5852 3596, lgt@chinagrain.org.
Position 1- Metabolism of mycotoxin in grain, to study morphology of metabolized substances and its classification detection and contaminate mechanism of mycotoxin. Ph.D. with the background of biological analysis, chemical biology or metabolism group and related specialty, experienced in mass-spectrometric technology and NMR required.
Position 2 – Efficient application of fermented protein in feed industry, to perform the study of digestive absorption properties of fermented protein separated from cotton seeds, analysis of the metabolized substances, especially the low-molecular peptides, to develop animal models of protein-substitution and also antibiotic-substitution. Animal nutrition and feed specialty background is required. Majored in animal science or animal medical science in Bachelor, and nutrition of unistomach animals will be considered preferentially.