Academy of State Administration of Grain (ASAG) is the only non-profit research institution on post-harvest research and service, directly under the State Administration of Grain, P.R. China. ASAG, originally known as Academy of Ministry of Grain, was founded in 1957 and governed by the Ministry of Grain of the People’s Republic of China  at  that time. 
The primary mission of ASAG is to carry out research and service of grain science and technology on post-harvest field, including purchase, storage, transportation and processing of grain & oil, Quality control and food safety. The research fields of ASAG mainly cover grain storage technology, grain logistical engineering, value-added processing technology, grain & oil nutrition, grain safety technology, Techno-economics and development strategy of grain industry, detection technology and standards development of grain & oil.
There are five research departments, an instrument and equipment R&D center, a grain & oils engineering design institute which have five class “A” qualifications, along with some public research platforms. Authorized by related ministries of the central government, some centers for research, innovation and services of grain science and technology have been founded in ASAG in recent years, including National Engineering Laboratory for Grain Storage and Logistics (NEL-GSL), The Engineering Technology Research Centre of Grain-Oils Quality Detecting Instrument of SAG, and Testing Centre of Grain-Oils Quality Inspection of SAG.
During the last ten years, ASAG has undertaken lots of works on science and technology research, engineering design and technologic consultant in the post-harvest field of grain & oils, including more than 200 key research projects, over 300 national and industrial standards and over 1000 gain & oil related facilities such as reserve depots, distribution centers, transfer ports, milling and processing factories, both in China and overseas. A number of achievements have been gained by ASAG ,among which ‘Research and Development and Integration of Four Technics Syncretism for Grain Reserve’ had won the First Prize of ‘National Science and Technology Progress Award’ of China in 2010. ASAG has made outstanding contributions in promoting progress in grain industry.
We are looking forward to cooperation with related organizations and personals in the world.